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images. It is lekker neuken kijken inconsistent with the Golden Rule, because if we want others to presume our good will, in spite of our disagreements, then we should presume their good will as well. Related Posts Note: Our goal is to cultivate serious and respectful dialogue. The majority viewpoint in the natural sciences on the age of the world and the origin of present-day life forms is mistaken. But if we want others to treat us with respect and charity in spite of our lapses then we should strive to do the same for them. And there are other positions yet, but most people in the present discussion seem to advocate a variant on one of the basic four described above. That seemingly straightforward question proves surprisingly controversial. What's the difference between creation, evolution, and intelligent design? As with any spectrum, its hard to draw exact lines between them (e.g., where, exactly, on the color spectrum does red become orange?).

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Theyre also distorting the issue, because there are clearly middle positions on this question. What Bugs Me What bugs me is the way that advocates of these different positions often dump on each other: Creationists often dump on the other three positions as lacking a sufficient appreciation of the Bible and as being either compromised by or completely sold-out. Theyre calling each other names, and that doesnt advance the discussion. Its also natural and healthy for advocates of the different views to make their case and to cross-examine the positions of others. Some on both sides of the issue would like to do exactly that. Atheistic evolutionists often dump on the other three positions as lacking a sufficient appreciation of modern science and as being either compromised by or completely sold-out to anti-intellectual creationism. We can easily add new categories, based on who is participating in the discussion. Were All Human Beings Something that may help us treat others with respect as we discuss the question of origins is recognizing the fact that we are all human beings.